freelancer client relationships
How to Maintain Client Relationships as a Freelancer
Freelancer life is full of ebbs and flows when it comes to the workload and earnings, making it increasingly difficult
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loneliness blog
How to Avoid Loneliness as a Contractor
When working as an independent contractor you’ll often find yourself having to work alone or with people you aren’t familiar
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Contractor CV blog tips
5 Tips to Improve Your Contractor CV
Writing a contractor CV is very different to writing one for a permanent role. A contractor CV needs to quickly
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top contracting industries
Where Are The Most Freelancer and Contractor Jobs?
Becoming an independent contractor or freelancer is an attractive proposition. There are huge benefits for working for yourself and the
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childcare blog
A Guide to Child Support for Self-Employed People
It can be difficult being self-employed and a parent. This is complicated further by having to understand what child support
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5 reasons to go self employed
5 Signs That It’s Time To Go Self-Employed
Knowing when it’s time to go self-employed is a big decision. According to the Office of National Statistics, there are
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things you can't do as a landlord
8 Things You Cannot Do as a Landlord
Being a landlord comes with a lot of responsibility. After all, you are managing the property and the tenants within.
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Freelancer - planning your year
How To Plan Your Year As A Freelancer
The transition from working for a business to working for yourself can be a real challenge. When working for a
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making tax digital
Making Tax Digital Explained
Bringing Tax Online  At Budget 2015, the UK government set out its plans to transform the UK tax system as
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Guide to reviews
A Guide to Reviews From Clients
Reviews from clients are a great tool in the business world. Whilst it might seem self-explanatory, there’s actually lots of
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contract blog
4 Tips to Dealing with Contracts
When owning a business or being self employed as a contractor or freelancer, you’ll often find yourself having to regularly
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stress blog
Top 5 Tips to Help Manage Stress
Stress is a common problem for thousands of people across the globe, but there are numerous ways to help you
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project management for freelancers
5 Best Project Management Tools for Freelancers
Working as a freelancer will always require you to complete a large amount of tasks for all of your clients.
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Becoming a landlord
5 Steps to Becoming a Landlord
Becoming a landlord is a great opportunity to create a reliable source of income. With the uncertainty of buying and
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