Can Your Business Benefit from Freeports?

With the UK well and truly out of the EU, the government aims to use some of its newfound legislative freedom to embrace the concept of freeports. Eight new zones will be opening up around the UK [...]

Should you buy an electric car through your company?

Changes to tax bands mean that an electric company car is suddenly an attractive option for small business owners, but it may offer more tax benefits than you think.  A company car used to be one [...]

Preparing for the end of furlough 

At a time of national crisis, the government’s furlough scheme has kept many businesses afloat. However, it has to go sometime, and that time is coming soon. With furlough winding down in July, [...]

What are the tax bands and thresholds for 2021-22

Tax took the lead in Rishi Sunak’s pandemic budget. Around it revolves the central question of how thed UK will balance the books. Do you raise revenue by pushing up taxes or encourage growth by [...]

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