4 Ways for Self Employed People to Get That Work Life Balance

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If you work as a freelancer or contractor and are self-employed and working from home, you’ve probably found it difficult to get that work-life balance right. Working on a self-employed basis or as a contractor or freelancer comes with a plethora of benefits, but there are also many responsibilities. From managing your time to knowing when to take a well-deserved break or staying on top of your admin, it can be hard to juggle work and home life. According to Business Productivity Specialists, Cornerstone Dynamics, working time for professionals has increased by 15% and leisure time has decreased by 33% in the last two decades. If this doesn’t prove that we need to start switching off after a working day, then we don’t know what will! At 3 Wise Bears, we know just how important getting that balance is, so we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you get that work-life balance right.


Plan and Manage your Time

Time management is crucial for the success of any working individual – but even more so when you’re self-employed! You need to make sure you’re on top of your finances, admin, client work, taxes and so much more – when you work for yourself, you only have yourself to answer for. If you feel like you’re struggling to stay afloat of your never-ending to do list, then it’s time to step back, take a deep breath and get in control of your time management.

From writing lists to utilising online tools and gadgets that will help any freelancer work from home, there are many ways to get on top of your time management. Poor time management results in missing deadlines, failing to keep track of invoice dates and many other issues. Consequentially, this will create an abundance of unnecessary problems in the future, leading to a lot of stress and unhappiness. Don’t put things off (like leaving your taxes until the very end of the tax year) –  create a brand new list and prioritise your tasks in order of importance. Stop multitasking and focus on one job at a time – this will minimise mistakes and help you focus solely on that one piece of work that you need to complete.


Create a workspace

Many self-employed people choose to work from the comfort of their own home and whilst this may suit their family life, it often means that they struggle to switch off when it comes to downtime. This is where creating a dedicated workspace at home comes in. If you have a spare room then convert it into a family-free office space, where you keep all of your documents and work equipment. Allocate this space as your work zone – when you’re in there, you’re in work mode. When you leave that room, you’re at home and it’s time to switch off.

Not everyone has a spare room in their house that they can convert into a sauve office – if this is the case, then create a dedicated place in your house where you store all of your work belongings, and a spot where you can work (that’s distraction-free) this could be at the dining room table, or in the kitchen. If this isn’t feasible, then scope out a local coffee shop where you can get your head down for a few hours!


Outsource your Accounting

We’re ready to bet that when the majority of freelancers and self-employed people hear the words ‘accounts’ or ‘accounting’, they internally groan. Staying on top of your accounts is a crucial ingredient to the recipe of success for every single business across the globe – if you’re not aware of what’s going in and out of your business account, then your business will be at risk.


Staying on top of your finances, sorting out your taxes and sending out invoices takes time, and we all know time costs money. If you want to have transparency of what is going in and out of your accounts, but want someone else to take control, then it’s time to consider outsourcing your accounting needs. At 3 Wise Bears, we implement accounting software so that you can stay on top of your accounts, anytime, anywhere. When you choose to use 3 Wise Bears to help with your accounting, we’ll assess your needs and then implement the correct self-employed accounting software or freelance accounting software to suit your needs.  We’ll get you using online accounting software FreeAgent, and ensure that your accounting services are in control.


Switch Everything Off During Your Time Off

When you’re out of the work-zone, then make sure to switch the work phone and computer off, or at least keep the notifications to a minimum. The time when you’re not at work is the time you should spend with your family or just relax. Make sure to either switch your phone off or turn off the notifications. Only respond to the priorities – if it isn’t essential and can wait, then just leave it! Trust us, you’ll feel much better when you’ve had a break!


Get in touch with 3 Wise Bears Today

Here at 3 Wise Bears we offer an amazing accounting solution for freelancers, contractors and self employed people, with the support of FreeAgent. As well as assisting with various elements of your business such as payroll and easy invoicing, accounting software allows you to sort out all invoices through a simple mobile app. It allows you to record and claim expenses online or snap receipts on the go, making it easy to manage claims, reimbursements, and on-charging. Contact us here at 3 Wise Bears today to speak to our team of accounting experts.

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