9 tips for generating consistent freelance work

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Generating consistent freelance work will help you maintain a steady cash flow and ensure your operations stay lucrative.

Every freelancer will experience an occasional dry spell. However, by using these handy tips, you can maximise your chances of generating consistent freelance work.

Use these tips to keep generating consistent freelance work

1) Deploy time-tracking tools

Time-tracking tools enable you to analyse how your time is currently allocated.

Prioritise the most profitable work at peak times, and only consider less lucrative projects when demand has temporarily slowed.

2) Maintain a regular schedule

Maintaining a consistent schedule benefits both you and your clients.

It will make it easier to allocate your workload evenly over time, and ensure you’re not caught off-guard by a client requesting work when you’re unavailable.

3) Plan every detail

A comprehensive approach to planning should help you distribute your work evenly and allow you to take proactive steps before a fallow period sets in.

You should create daily to-do lists to keep on top of regular tasks. Supplement this by regular cash flow analysis and future business planning.

4) Enhance your marketing

Being a freelancer doesn’t leave much time for marketing. But, the more people that know about your services, the more likely you are to keep your workload consistent.

Promote your services using simple marketing techniques that are partially automated, where possible. Send out a monthly newsletter, develop your social media presence or set up a simple blog.

5) Find new income streams

Chances are you have a highly-developed skill-set, and you can put this to good use.

Diversify your services to offer consultancy or training in your area of specialism. Or, consider other industries you could use your skills in.

6) Create a network

Networking – like marketing – will help get your name out there and increase the number of leads you receive.

Get active on social media, attend industry-specific meetups, conferences or hackathons – whatever it takes to help you connect with people who might use your services in future.

7) Change contractual terms

Capitalise on your clients’ loyalty by encouraging them to update their contractual terms.

If they’re coming back for work repeatedly, ask if they’d agree to a retainer. This should lock-in regular work going forward.

8) Use a project management system

Set up a project management system to oversee multiple projects at once, with confidence.

Administering your workload in this way allows you to have several irons in the fire at any given time, preventing you from running out of work between projects.

9) Call on a specialist freelancer accountant

A specialist freelancer accountant has the expertise and experience to help you optimise your workload.

They can advise you on many of the points listed above and provide timely financial advice that will help you set accurate productivity targets.

So, there you have it – nine quick-fire ways to keep generating consistent freelance work. Add these to your freelancer arsenal and you should be able to look forward to a lucrative future.

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