Freelancers are happiest, says survey

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A new survey shows that although freelancers work longer hours than their employed counterparts, they are much happier.

HR consultancy A-Connect surveyed 400 employed and self-employed people, and found those who worked for themselves were far more likely to report feeling ‘extremely happy’.

Working longer hours didn’t seem to affect freelancers’ happiness levels, with 42% saying they worked 40-50 hours a week. By contrast, 52% of employed professionals said they worked fewer hours – between 30 and 40 a week.

Over 40% of the self-employed professionals who took part in the survey said their work had a positive or very positive effect on their overall physical and mental health.

Salary did not seem to be a factor in this differentiation. The majority of respondents (56% employed, and 59% freelance) said they were satisfied with their salary. The major difference appeared to be one of perspective. Employed respondents viewed work as a means to happiness during leisure time, whereas self-employed respondents experienced work as a source of happiness in and of itself.

When asked whether they would change jobs tomorrow if given the opportunity to do so the majority of employed professionals said they ‘definitely’ or ‘possibly’ would. Most freelancers said they ‘probably’ or ‘definitely’ would not.

A-Connect says it conducted the survey because: “We wanted to gauge the impact on an individual’s work-life balance, income and overall happiness of choosing to work independently and be self-employed.”

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