work life balance
4 Ways for Self Employed People to Get That Work Life Balance
If you work as a freelancer or contractor and are self-employed and working from home, you’ve probably found it difficult
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chasing invoices
The Best Ways To Chase Up Invoices for Contractors
It’s vital for a business to maintain a healthy cash flow as you want your business to stay on track
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How to Take Time Off if You’re Self-Employed
Being self-employed allows you freedom. You have the freedom to choose what work you want to take on, who you
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GDPR compliance
How Will GDPR Impact Cloud Based Accounting?
On 25th May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulations came into place, with the aim of uniting data and
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Expenses mistakes
Mistakes to Avoid With Your Business Expenses
Within a small business, the likelihood of you being able to have an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of how
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contractor or freelancer benefits
Benefits of working for yourself as a Freelancer or Contractor
Contractor and Freelancer careers are becoming increasingly attractive to professionals across the UK who are looking to move from their
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Brexit tax changes
How Could Brexit Affect UK Tax Policy?
The 2016 UK Referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union was a vote that stunned the world. With many
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best start as a freelancer
How to Get the Best Start as a Freelancer
If you’re reading this, then you probably already have an interest in becoming a freelancer, or may have already made
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tips for finding a tenant
Tips for Finding the Perfect Tenant
Whether you’re letting out an apartment, a studio flat or even a large family home, you’ll want to ensure that
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Gadgets for freelancers and contractors
Top 5 Gadgets Every Contractor or Freelancer Working From Home Needs
Any contractor or freelancer working from home knows just how challenging and distracting it can be – especially if you’re
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6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Xero
Every business needs to keep on top of its finances. Making sure you’re in control of what’s going in and
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Tips For Freelancing From Home
One of the main reasons as to why people choose to go down the Freelancer career route is due to
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Sole Trader Tips
5 Financial Tips for Sole Traders
Being a sole trader can reap huge rewards. You get a large amount of freedom when it comes to the
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Useful Digital Tools for Small Businesses and Sole Traders
When it comes to improving your business strategy, maximising your ROI and making informed and educated decisions about the runnings
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