Requests freelancers should refuse
Top 7 requests freelancers should refuse
You need to know about the requests freelancers should refuse to maintain profitability and good client relations. Going freelance gives
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London buy-to-let market
Confidence high in London buy-to-let market
78% of landlords in the London buy-to-let market are planning to add properties to their portfolios in the near future,
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What is disguised remuneration and why should you avoid it
What is disguised remuneration and why should you avoid it?
Disguised remuneration has been around for a while. However, it hit the headlines recently as the government announced a new
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Average small business expenditure totals £1m per year
Average small business expenditure totals £1m per year
New research from American Express has found that UK small business expenditure has risen to an average of over £1m
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Release cash from properties
Landlords can now release cash from properties without selling up
Using new equity release schemes, you might well be eligible to release cash from properties in your buy-to-let portfolio without
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Increase freelancer productivity
How companies can help increase freelancer productivity
Even if you’re self-employed, there are numerous steps your clients can take that will help increase freelancer productivity. Companies often
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New PRA guidelines for buy-to-let landlords: half are still unaware of change
New PRA guidelines for buy-to-let landlords came into effect on 30 September. However, 46% of those affected are yet to grasp the
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UK small businesses waste over 100 days on admin each year
New research from technology firm Sage has identified that UK small businesses spend an average of 120 working days per year on administrative tasks.
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4 top tips for increasing freelancer productivity
There are many ways you can increase your freelancer productivity and your operational efficiency with it. When you’re working solo, the phrase
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Contractor expenses you should be claiming
Ensuring you claim all your contractor expenses is crucial for running a profitable operation. Those extra costs can quickly mount up, but
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Financial considerations when selling buy-to-let property
When selling buy-to-let property, there is a host of secondary considerations you need to factor in to your decision. This will ensure
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New rules make buy-to-let mortgages harder to access and more expensive
A raft of new legislative changes is threatening to make life increasingly difficult when it comes to buy-to-let mortgages. Many
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Government aims to bring forward small business rates relief
The Government has intervened in an attempt to bring forward small business rates relief for up to some 25,000 firms.
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Are the costs of freelancing about to rise?
The costs of freelancing are set to rise in the immediate future. This is according to 92% of freelancers surveyed
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