A Complete Guide to Becoming a Contractor
Becoming a contractor can be a rewarding experience both in terms of both salary and work/life balance. However, there’s a
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Automating freelance business processes
Automating freelance business processes is crucial for saving time and staying focused on your core product or service. In today’s
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What is tax investigation insurance?
Tax investigation insurance protects your business from the costs of a tax investigation. It is one of many means by which small
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How will Amazon’s £3bn investment impact small business lending?
Amazon is revolutionising small business lending. The Internet giant has already invested £3bn in its own small-scale marketplace traders. It is
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3 financial tips for becoming an international freelancer
Becoming an international freelancer is an effective means of diversifying your operations. In today’s digital world, working across borders is easier than
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Top 10 regions for buy-to-let are in North England
Buy-to-let in North England appears to be flourishing compared to the South. New research from Property Partner sampled 100 British towns
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Holidays for freelancers: Preparing yourself and your finances
Taking holidays for freelancers can be a complex yet rewarding experience. Everyone needs a break every now and again. But, when
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FreeAgent Mobile: freelancer finances on-the-go
The FreeAgent Mobile app has been around since 2015, but has just had a clear up. It now has far
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Buy-to-let contributes £16bn to UK economy
Buy-to-let landlords contribute £15.9bn pa to the UK economy, according to a new study from Kent Reliance. This indicates how
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Small business owners reveal what drives them
A brand new study has shone light on what drives small business owners’ sense of ambition. Let’s take a look
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Buy-to-let mortgage activity halves following stamp duty changes
Buy-to-let mortgage activity has fallen by half since April 2016, according to new figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders.
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Debt collection just got harder for the self-employed
Debt collection for the self-employed will be seriously affected by the new Pre-Action Protocol rules. These will come into effect
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Why contractors could be the answer to the skills shortage
The UK is currently facing a professional skills shortage. It’s estimated that there are around 750,000 vacancies in the UK
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Small business borrowing is on the up
Small business borrowing has risen sharply in spite of political factors including an unfavourable budget and the triggering of Article 50.
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Why freelancers and small businesses make the perfect match
When it comes to mutually beneficial working practices, freelancers and small businesses are the perfect pair. Online freelancer community People
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