Top 5 Gadgets Every Contractor or Freelancer Working From Home Needs

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Any contractor or freelancer working from home knows just how challenging and distracting it can be – especially if you’re working remotely whilst the rest of your family are at home! You need to ensure that these distractions are kept at bay – after all, as a freelancer or contractor, you’re expected to be on the top of your game. (Find out what the difference between a freelancer or contractor is here.)

In the current modern business climate, there are a plethora of technological advancements and gadgets out there that are proven to help us in our everyday working life, from increasing efficiency to improving productivity and streamlining time management. Here are five amazing gadgets that every contractor and freelancer working from home needs, and will inevitably help you propel your business to the next level.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Some people like to work in complete silence, some like to block out all noise from the outside world, and others need music blaring for them to concentrate. If any of these apply to you, then you should consider investing in a pair of noise cancelling headphones. These are especially helpful if you work from home with a house full of people, as they will block out any noise pollution such as the TV, screaming children or general chit-chat. If you’re trying to reduce the number of cables floating around your workspace, then Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones are also a great option – some have built-in call handling for when they’re connected to your phone, which eliminates the risk of you missing a phone call too. We recommend reading the customer reviews on Amazon and other sites before you make your decision.


Contractor or Freelance Accounting Software

Every freelancer or contractor working from home needs to keep up with their accounts – you need to have a clear understanding of the money going in and out of your accounts at all times. This is where accounting software such as Freeagent comes in. You can stay on top of all your finances with ease when you implement Contractor Accounting Software or Freelance Accounting Software into your business, helping you to streamline your time and productivity.   This type of accounting software is designed to fit in perfectly with remote working lifestyles, as the online features are designed to work the same way that you do.


A Voice Assistant

Voice Assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are revolutionising both our domestic and working life. Over 9% of UK households now own a voice assistant, and it’s predicted that 11 million households will have a voice assistant by the end of 2018 ( A Voice Assistant is a great way to have your own Personal Assistant at a fraction of the price (there’s no annual salary, insurance or bonuses to pay for) – all you need is an Amazon Prime account or Google Account, a voice assistant and an internet connection and you’re all set!


With a Voice Assistant, you can add meetings to your diary, put together and read out your schedule, set reminders, make phone calls and even get an answer to any question that may pop into your head. If that wasn’t enough, you can also play music, control the lighting in your home and control your TV – ideal if you like to work in a noisy environment!


Scanner Pro

If you find that you’re forever scanning paper documents and trying to keep on top of the mountain of paperwork that you wish you had on your computer, then it’s time to get a Scanner Pro for iOS and Android devices. Scanner Pro is a life saver for any remote worker, as it enables you to quickly scan and save a digital version of any paper document. Whether you need to send an expense receipt or a multipage document, Scanner Pro will be your best friend. It also automatically detects borders and corrects any distortion and geometry it’s picked up. You can sync your documents with cloud services such as DropBox or Google Drive and send them to whomever via email. Content can be categorised and searched, and it also includes a number of image correction tools to ensure that scans look straight and crisp and are easy to read.


Portable Charger for your Gadgets

A portable charger for any contractor or freelancer is an absolute must – you’ll be relieved that you have one if your phone or computer battery goes flat when you’re not at your home office!  Whether you’re at a networking event, going to a business meeting or you’re just working in a coffee shop, a portable charger holds all the juice that will help keep your laptop, phone or tablet running, so that you can keep going for hours on end. Some of you might be thinking, ‘I carry my charger with me everywhere’, but a charger relies on a source of electricity – and you might not be able to access a plug wherever you are. Therefore a portable charger is a cheap investment and worth every penny, and is a lot lighter to carry around than a laptop charger!


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