Top 7 requests freelancers should refuse

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You need to know about the requests freelancers should refuse to maintain profitability and good client relations.

Going freelance gives you almost complete control over your working practices. However, it makes it harder for clients (and friends or family) to understand the value of your time and effort.

Here, we’ll look at the types of requests you should (politely) decline:

What are the requests freelancers should refuse?

  1. Revising work for free: Providing you have met the brief, you do not need to revise your work for no charge.
  2. Working at discounted rates/for experience: Offering discounts, or agreeing to work for experience, undervalues your skills and will limit your overall profitability.
  3. Agreeing to late payments: Allowing late payments can severely disrupt your cash flow and is a sign a client might not be reliable.
  4. Training friends/relatives: Helping friends and relatives gain new skills might sound positive. However, it can put a strain on relationships and distract you from profitable work.
  5. Providing recommendations: Offering recommendations within your field can work, but advising one client to use another freelancer could undermine your relationship.
  6. Allowing scope creep: Facilitating client requests made after signing an agreement might seem like exemplary service. However, it will prevent you from focusing your efforts elsewhere.
  7. Teaching clients your tricks: Training clients to fulfil your duties – even if you’re being paid – could remove future income.

Remember these requests freelancers should refuse, to keep your operations ticking like clockwork.

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