An influential report from the Creative Industries Federation (CIF) – which surveyed 700 creative freelancers – has recommended the government do more to offer them protection.

The creative industries are the fastest growing sector of the economy. And, with 47% of the people in these industries being freelance, it’s clear to see that the government should take notice.

What government protection do creative freelancers need?

The report found that the vast majority of freelancers were happy being self-employed. However, it highlighted a number of recommendations that could help improve working conditions in specific areas:

Sick pay

General illness, an ageing population and the care crisis have all made sick leave increasingly important for creative freelancers.

The Government should consider additional means to provide temporary support for freelancers who are off work with a serious health problem or carer responsibility.

Maternity pay

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) recommends simplifying the maternity and paternity pay processes.

IPSE also recommends paying creative freelancers an equivalent rate, regardless of whether or not they have made National Insurance contributions.


Numerous freelancers cited Brexit as the biggest source of uncertainty in their current operations.

The Government has been asked to provide clearer answers on factors such as EU workers’ rights and import/export duties.

It remains to be seen whether they will follow these recommendations, but with creative freelancers playing a key role in the economy, some additional support would make sense.

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