VAT accountants

VAT is one of the most complex of all areas with so many rules and exceptions. 3 Wise Bears can help you navigate the maze to make sure you don’t overpay or underpay.

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No more VAT stress

As specialist Chartered Accountants for contractors, freelancers and small businesses we can give you full VAT assistance to ensure you stay on top of all the ever changing VAT laws and regulations.

For businesses with a turnover under £150,000 we can help you make many £1,000s extra each year by registering you on the VAT Flat Rate Scheme. Contact us now to also start saving money and making extra profit.

What you’ll get?

• VAT registration
• Advice on best scheme for your business
• Full support on VAT Flat Rate Scheme
• FreeAgent or Xero to record all VAT invoices and expenses
• Real time VAT advice
• VAT returns filed for you
• Advice EU/EC Sales
• VAT Reverse Charge advice
• Help with EC Sales forms
• Help with HMRC VAT enquiries and investigations

Who’s it for?

When you join our monthly fixed fee packages, we give you award winning online accounting software (Xero or FreeAgent). This means we can give you real time VAT advice and VAT assistance whenever you require it.
If you are a contractor, freelancer or small business, talk to us about a modern way of handling all your VAT administration.

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